As all online business owners know, failing to deliver on the experience you’ve promised your customers can quickly turn fatal for a growing brand.

But the challenge is how to design the processes and build the team to ensure your customers needs are met, at a cost that’s affordable for your business and in a way that can scale as quickly as your sales and your ambitions.


Digital Commerce Operations, Done Better.

RANDEM's extensive experience in designing and managing enterprise-grade managed services has enabled us to conceive, plan, and roll out a new flexible, multi-modal Operational Service Delivery Centre. Our unique model allows us to tailor-make operational services to suit any relevant business needs all the way from the micro- to the mega-scale.

In our service centres, now deployed in multiple locations across the globe, we put our specialty-trained staff and ecommerce expertise to work in carrying out day-to-day digital commerce operational activities on behalf of our clients; delivering more to their customers for less.

We assist businesses of all types on questions of:

  • Sales Operations Forecasting and Planning
  • Real-time Merchandising and Product/Content/Promotion Management
  • Customer Behaviour Analysis and Actionable Insights
  • Digital Marketing Campaign Design, Execution and Reporting
  • 24/7 Customer Chat Sales and Service Support

RANDEM's Managed Services are constantly measured against financially-relevant KPIs and all customer interactions are driven towards positive, substantial outcomes.

Want to see how RANDEM could DO BETTER for your Operations?


ENTREPRISE-GRADE Our Delivery Centre Credentials

  • ISO 9001:2008

    Information Technology Quality
    Management Systems

  • ISO 27001:2005

    Information Technology Security
    Techniques & Management


    International Business
    Excellence Awards 2015