Improving Customer Conversion and Boosting User Experience

ECOMMERCE Boosting Customer Experience DESIGN

Mission: Provide quality jewellery and giftware at the right price coupled with a consistently excellent level of service imbued with family values.


Unengaged online audience

Despite their four generations of jewellery craftsmanship and tradition, not to mention the strong brand awareness delivered by their numerous long-standing physical stores, Thomas Jewellers was suffering from an unengaged online audience that seemed not to grasp the value of their offering. As a result, online revenues were at all-time lows and some product lines were selling very little forcing Thomas Jewellers to resort to discounting and other undesirable measures to clear stock.


Brand Refocusing. Done Better.

In order to address immediate commercial concerns and get to the root of why their customers were not engaging, RANDEM set up an end-to-end ecommerce operations managed service where we provided live on-site personal service and carefully delivered and measured the effectiveness of varied and targeted marketing campaigns. Then, armed with sales and marketing analytics, along with unique and detailed "voice of the customer" insights, we determined a number of key product lines and customer segments to invest in, and others to avoid. Finally, we worked with Thomas Jewellers’ physical stores in creating a seamless cross-channel customer journey; and on the creation of an experimental new online store for a key product line while simultaneously carrying out a rebranding of the core offering.

Continuous Rebranding

Because the insights that informed the rebranding were delivered through the day-to-day running of the store, Thomas Jewellers, soon to be known simply as "Thomas" knows that not only will the efforts bear fruit, but that in a similar way their offering and Brand will continue to evolve to always better engage and serve its highest-value customers.

What does Thomas Jewellers say?

"With live chat, RANDEM have improved our customer's experience, reduced our costs and delivered valuable insights."

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