Redressing a Respected Ecommerce Operation Through SaaS


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Broken Ecommerce Economics

In 2012 Kidstuff launched their original online store, built on a major hosted ecommerce platform, to much fanfare and high expectations for what it would do for the retailer's brand, and especially its bottom line. While customer engagement and revenue grew month on month, Kidstuff’s costs to maintain the platform and effectively serve their customers grew quicker. In the end, despite heavy remedial investment in technology and numerous attempts to review and streamline operations, the online store's profitability steadily slipped - eventually into the red - and the business' belief in the online channel's potential sunk to an all-time low.


Ecommerce Reboot. Done Better.

After understanding the causes of the rising costs of maintaining Kidstuff’s existing ecommerce platform, RANDEM advised migrating their online store to a SaaS platform, and due to its strong list of out of the box features and transparent pricing (an important consideration for regaining the business’ trust), the Bigcommerce Enterprise solution was chosen. In order to quickly start taking advantage of anticipated savings and ensure the economics of the solution continued to make sense, we then developed a phased roll-out plan which enabled Kidstuff to get to market with their core new site in less than 12 weeks, and each new requested feature to be evaluated based on its anticipated business value. Finally, we reduced their cost to serve and garnered valuable new customer insight through rolling out a fully staffed managed on-site live chat service.

The Outcome?


Reduction in ecommerce platform running costs

A New Relationship with their Online Store

Armed with a new ecommerce platform which is at the same time leaner, more cost effective and geared to grow for the future, Kidstuff now has an online store that can grow and evolve in tandem with the desires and behaviour of its loyal customers; and begin to make a significant contribution to the overall business for the first time.

What does Kidstuff say?

"Working with RANDEM has been instrumental in helping us do more with our web store and creating a better ecommerce experience for customers"

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