Handpicked Wines

Bringing Boutique Wines to the World

ECOMMERCE Boosting Customer Experience DESIGN

Mission: To lead wine lovers on a journey through the world’s finest wine regions, one wine at a time.


Limited Capability and Reach

Having successfully filled out their extensive range of wines and evaluated their global market opportunities, Handpicked was preparing to take their business to the next level by opening a physical urban cellar door experience that would integrate closely with their online store and extend their customer offering to include subscription and shipping and localisation features for their primary target market; China. Unfortunately, their existing technology footprint wasn’t up to the challenge.


Digital Commerce. Done Better.

RANDEM invested heavily in User Experience design to not only convey Handpicked Wine’s unique story but also do justice to their library of rich subject matter content and delivered a brand new store on the best-in-class SaaS ecommerce platform that allows them to properly serve their growing international markets. We then proceeded to deliver additional custom functionality and configuration to enable customer self-service for Handpicked’s compelling subscription offering and empower new and existing customers from China to order in all simplicity and confidence. Finally we tailored and rolled out our advanced customer service and marketing managed services in order to educate, engage, convert and build new customer loyalty while gaining an ever deeper understanding of their market with the measured objective of further increasing revenue.

A Growth Platform for the Palate

Handpicked Wines is now positioned to capitalise on the excitement their loyal customer base has for their brand and project themselves internationally in confidence that their technology will keep pace.

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